Kamchatka: Ethnic and Natural Treasures


    Located on the Pacific Ring of Fire, Kamchatka attracts visitors mostly because of its out-of-this world volcanic landscapes and exceptionally unspoiled nature. This journey will have you staring in awe at the water-filled craters and green mountain slopes you will see from your helicopter window. Your camera will be clicking non-stop as you tread your way between the boiling water fountains and green grass fields cut by steaming streams in the famous Valley of Geysers. The hospitality of the Cossacks and Evens in their ethnic settlements will make you want to come back again and again, staying longer each time you visit.

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Sakhalin Adventurer


Fishing Expedition in Khabarovsk Region



    An area that was for so long closed to most foreign visitors, with unspoiled natural wonders and legendary Far Eastern hospitality, now welcomes tourists from all over the world. This trip will give you a chance to explore life on Sakhalin Island. You will learn about the history of its towns and the culture of its indigenous people, Nivkhi; have a chance to explore the exotic landscapes of the mountains and the ocean shore, catch rare fish and pick amber on a wild beach. This journey is perfect for a nature enthusiast, as well as anyone who likes to explore areas of the world off the beaten path.


    This expedition takes you to a fisherman’s paradise in a secluded corner of the Khabarovsk Region. The river you are taken to is one of the best fishing areas for Sakhalin taimen and cherry (Pacific) salmon. Visit the king of taiga – the Siberian Tiger, and enjoy the wilderness while staying in a cozy lodge on the riverbank.

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The Far Eastern Express:

Vladivostok and Khabarovsk


    Tour the two largest and most popular cities in the Russian Far East – Vladivostok – a busy seaport and the ending point on the famous Trans-Siberian railway, and Khabarovsk – the Far East capital with its historic architecture and surrounded by taiga forest that’s home to Siberian Tiger.

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