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Arrive in Khabarovsk, the capital of the Russian Far East. Transfer to hotel and accommodations.


Your tour begins with a comprehensive exploration of the city, including the Museum of Regional Studies and the Art Gallery. Take an out-of-town trip to the Wild Animals Rehabilitation Center for a glimpse at the legendary Siberian Tiger.


Travel to one of the best fishing areas in the region. Upon arrival you will be transferred to a cozy fishing lodge on the riverbank. The area is very secluded and, besides fishing, provides an opportunity for wildlife and bird watching. Enjoy the rest of the day relaxing and taking in the beautiful views. Eager adventurers may start fishing immediately upon arrival at the lodge. Services of a fishing guide provided..


Say good-bye to this secluded corner of the world as you travel back to Khabarovsk.


Spend this day exploring Khabarovsk on your own or souvenir shopping. An optional cruise on the Amur River, the river that separates Russia and China, may be booked.

DAY 10

Pack up your trophies and take a transfer to the airport for your flight home



Spend these four days fishing from a boat or the bank and relaxing. The indigenous people of Orochi have inhabited this land for ages, and you may even see their small handmade boats going up and down the river while fishing. Have your camera handy, as you will definitely want to take a picture when you pull out Sakhalin taimen weighing up to 80 pounds or a 15-pound cherry salmon. The lodge has a Siberian banya (sauna), a dining room, and an electric generator. It may lack the conveniences of a modern hotel, but it certainly has the rough Far-Eastern charm and the pristine surroundings to compensate.

Helping You Prepare


If you have a special medical condition, please bring it to the attention of your reservation agent before booking this trip. The tour takes you to a remote location where qualified medical help may not be easily accessible. Bring along any medications that you may need for minor conditions, such as a cold or headache. The lodge has a first aid kit, but you may still want to bring the items you are most used to.


While on this trip, you may not be able to maintain contact with your family back home. However, you may leave the Red Star Travel telephone number with them and we will help them reach you should an emergency situation arise.


Since you will be spending a lot of time outdoors on this trip, be sure to bring warm and waterproof clothes in case it rains. Nighttime temperatures during the season are usually 40-50 F, and daytime highs usually reach 60-78 F.


The fish you catch on the trip may be prepared by the lodge cook according to your tastes. Bring along your favorite fish recipes and see if the group’s cook can recreate them with your catch, but don’t forget to convert pounds and ounces into kilograms and grams to avoid confusion.



Fishing Expedition in Khabarovsk Region

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